Two actions at Templos de Barrio

11.05.2019 Poetry, Songs and Performance at Marcelo Pombo's Show


Feng Shui by Monica Girón

24.10.2018 Introduction to Feng Shui and the concept of Reflex Zones, from the practice of Contemporary Art.


Centolla Society / Music

27.11.2017 Live show of the Centolla Society as part of Matías Duville's exhibition Romance atómico.


Tres / Performance

14.10.2017 Mondongo. TRES. Performance, Túnel, 2017


Nuevos pensamientos imbéciles / Videos

29.07.2017 Video Series at Forum. Martin Legón's Show Nuevos Pensamientos imbéciles.


Pop Up New York

21.04.2017 Pop Up is the first event organized by Barro in New York and that will feature painting, sculpture, actions, live music, and texts.


Students at Barro

11.04.2017 Guided Tour at Nani's Lamarque Show, La Evaporación del Encanto.


Nicola Costantino. La artefacta

03.12.2016 Screening of the film by Nicola Costantino directed by Natalie Cristiani.


Book launch

12.08.2016 Brunch at the gallery for the launching of a Mónica Giron’s book.


ArteBA Newspaper

13.05.2016 Diario ArteBA. Barro Ediciones, Buenos Aires, May 2016.


Performance. Los Torreznos

03.03.2016 The Spanish duo Los Torreznos are visiting Buenos Aires for the first time. Organised in collaboration with CCEBA, with a programme devised by a curator Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo.


Barro Ediciones

20.10.2015 With the aim of helping to publicise the work and career of its artists, Barro is launching an editorialproject to promote a policy of free publications in print format and also available on- line to download.