Glótica, Nicanor Aráoz. Barro Ediciones, Buenos Aires, 2015

Text by Alejo Ponce de León. 24 x 16,5 cms. 64 pages, ilustrated. Spanish and English.


1 ó 2 proyectos

Joaquín Boz. 25 X 18 cms. 78 pages, ilustrated. Spanish.


Nicola Costantino. Hatje Cantz, Germany 2013

Texts by Carlos Kuri and Michael Herzog. 20 x 25 cms. 218 pages, illustrated. Spanish and English.


Mutações, Matías Duville. MAM, Rio de Janeiro 2015

Texts by Santiago García Navarro, Jorge Macchi, Elfi Turpin and Luiz Camillo Osorio. 18 x 25 cms. 132  pages. illustrated. Portuguese and English.


Alaska, Matías Duville. The Drawing Center, New York, 2006

Texts by Mark Polizzotti, Wells Tower and Robert Nelson. 26 x 21 cms. 3 volumes of 96 pages. illustrated. English.


Matías Duville, Obras 2000 – 2007. Buenos Aires, 2007

Texts by Victoria Noorthoorn and Jorge Macchi. 18 x 25 cm, 64 pages, illustrated. Spanish.


Esto fue otro lugar. Matías Duville. KBB, Buenos Aires, 2011

Texts by María Gainza and Adriano Pedrosa. 30 x 23 cms. 266 pages. Illustrated. Spanish and English.


Fortune Bookie #3 Matias Duville + Eduardo Navarro. Editions du Livre, France 2011

105 x 150 mm. 8 pages with A4 folded insert. Color print. 100 copies, illustrated. Special Edition.


Hogar. Matías Duville. KBB, Buenos Aires, 2015

Texts by Santiago García Navarro and Rodrigo Moura. 21 x 15 cms. 168 pages. Illustrated. Spanish and English.