Placenta escarlata

28.03.2018 This time we unquestionably find ourselves before a desire alien to the expressive mission of the thousand tongues in the shadow. We are before a desire that investigates a new possible future, one forged from visceral and turbulent emotions, from muddled feelings and negative utopias. [...] Placenta Escarlata can be envisioned as a strange environment where the inevitable promise of a new twisted future is finally brought to the surface, and it looks like a dark room that holds the most intense moment of a ritual made up of a mass of bestial bodies in motion desperately looking for the new destructive incarnation of freedom, that signal that leads the dizzy arrow of an intoxicated daydream amidst the remains of a reality enraptured by knots of the repressive and that finally warns us that we have reached the gates of the pleasure dome. [...] Like the devout one who lets himself be intoxicated by the promise of muddled feelings and seriously undertakes the infectious multiplication of the occult, Nicanor Aráoz shows us, in this obscene chamber, further research that, before the freezing heat of neon light, shares the passion that takes hold of him in secret, that torments him until he is driven to utter the most beautiful spell in the history of the night—the one that stubbornly inquires into the possibility of a new life. Fragment of text “666999” by Nicolás Cuello


Placenta escarlata — 666999

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08.05.2020 New York, USA. In this online edition of Frieze, Barro presentes The ARC (Animal Rug Company) is a social enterprise directed by artist and designer Agustina Woodgate.


ArteBA / Artsy 2020

08.04.2020 Online. ArteBA Special Edition. Apr 8th—30. Artwork: Matias Duville, El úmico medio del planeta, 2019. Sanguine on paper. 73 1/5 × 212 3/5 in


Take Care

16.03.2020 After careful consideration and taking into account the recommendations of authorities and health specialists in relation to COVID-19, Barro will open only by appointment. We will inform about the opening of “Eyeballing. Golf a go go” by Alejandra Seeber and “Requiem” by Rubén Baldemar. Follow us in our social media accounts for more information about news and activities.


Joaquín Boz / Fondo Nacional de las artes

21.02.2020 Escenarios Dinámicos. Exhibition that brings together the works selected and awarded in the Visual Arts Contest 2019 of theFondo Nacional de las Artes. At Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires.


Facing Earth by Agustina Woodgate

03.02.2020 As geological and political territories erode, Earth becomes a more volatile entity. Facing Earth by Agustina Woodgate at George Mason University, Washington DC, USA.


Meeting with El Mataco

01.02.2020 The proposal of the Faivovich & Goldberg duo turns the room into a pavilion for the exhibition of the meteorite, one of pieces of the Museum Collection. Museo Historico Provincial de Rosario Dr. Julio Marc.


Art Basel Miami 2019

15.12.2019 Miami Beach, USA. The gallery includes works by Matías Duville, Gabriel Chaile and Amalia Ulman. The Nova sector features strong juxtapositions and pieces fresh from the artist's studio.


Agustina Woodgate at Art Basel Miami Beach

03.12.2019 The Source by Agustina Woodgate in Disruptions at Collins Park, Miami. Curated by Diana Wechsler & Florencia Battitii for Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires.


Gabriel Chaile at Miami Art Week

02.12.2019 Renacimiento, 2019 in The Last Supper, Faena Festival Miami. Curated by Zoe Lukov. Ph: Geraldine (oven), 2019. Iron structure, fire clay bricks, adobe and topsoil, 320 x 200 x 120 cm.



08.11.2019 Exhibition: Bardo — 5 años. Group Show. Artists: Nicanor Aráoz, Diego Bianchi, Joaquín Boz, Gabriel Chaile, Nicola Costantino, Matías Duville, Faivovich & Goldberg, Mónica Giron, Nani Lamarque, Martín Legón, Mondongo, Marcelo Pombo, Miguel Angel Ríos, Alejandra Seeber, Amalia Ulman, Agustina Woodgate. 

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