Matias Duville

Matías Duville (Buenos Aires, 1974) works with objects, videos and installations, although his production has mainly grown out of drawing. His works evoke scenes of desolation with rarified, timeless atmospheres like those that precede a natural disaster: hurricanes, tsunamis or situations of abandonment in the forest that act as a dreamlike vision of a wandering explorer, like a mental landscape. As a reference figure in local drawing, his work is characterised by experimentation with supports and materials. With his expressive strokes and procedures which reveal a certain brutality, he modifies the surface by leaving traces in the representation, marks which blend the nature of matter with the landscape. The tension between opposites, mutation and time are some of the subjects that feature in his most recent works. 

His recent projects include Arena Parking (Centro Cultural Recoleta, 2015), Mutações (MAM, Rio de Janeiro, 2015), Discard Georgaphy (Ecole de Beaux Arts, Chapelle des Petits-Augustins, Paris, 2013), Safari (Malba, 2013) and Alaska, (Drawing Center, New York, 2013).

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Precipitar una especie

In the quest to set in space and volume subjects dealt with in his work, the artist explores the tension in matter by means of a forceful large-scale installation, drawings and videos.


Hogar. Matías Duville. KBB, Buenos Aires, 2015

Mutações, Matías Duville. MAM, Rio de Janeiro 2015

Fortune Bookie #3 Matias Duville + Eduardo Navarro. Editions du Livre, France 2011

Esto fue otro lugar. Matías Duville. KBB, Buenos Aires, 2011

Alaska, Matías Duville. The Drawing Center, New York, 2006

Matías Duville, Obras 2000 – 2007. Buenos Aires, 2007


Diego Bianchi at Museo de Arte Moderno

22.04.2017 In "El presente está encantador" (The enchanting now), Bianchi draws energy from that collection to transform it into a great work of his own that also includes pieces by Alberto Heredia, Enio Iommi, Aldo Paparella, Ruben Santantonín, Emilio Renart, to name a few.Through August 6


Matías Duville / The Valise MoMA

19.04.2017 Published by the Library Council of The Museum of Modern Art, The Valise, is a collective artists’ project, unites seven South American artists—Johanna Calle, Mateo López and Nicolás Paris, Maria Laet, Rosângela Rennó, Matías Duville, and Christian Vinck Henriquez—with the Argentine writer César Aira. Through June 4


Students at Barro

11.04.2017 Guided Tour at Nani's Lamarque Show, La Evaporación del Encanto.


La evaporación del encanto

11.03.2017 La evaporación del encanto de Nani Lamarque. Untill 22.04.17


Matías Duville in TATE Collection

10.03.2017 Projection, 2012. Charcoal on paper, 1870 x 3510 x 64 mm. Matias Duville is part of the collection of the TATE, London, UK since 2017.



24.02.2017 Under de Si is an installation, performance and theater project where Luis Garay and Diego Bianchi dismantle the idea of “real” to surrender to impure fiction. Dozens of performers resist, adapt and over-adapt to an unstable system. (24, 25_02, 20:30 hrs).


Matías Duville / Launch MoMA Book

23.02.2017 Ivory press, Madrid, we will be hosting a panel discussion about artists’ books with the participation of May Castleberry (editor of contemporary editions, MoMA), Elena Ochoa Foster and the artists Maria Laet, Matias Duville, Nicolás Paris and Marc Quinn. Include a presentation of The Valise Project, published by MoMA’s Library Council.



22.02.2017 Diego Bianchi and Marcelo Pombo take part in ARGENTINA PLATAFORMA ARCO, Curated by Inés Katzenstein. (P7, G12).


Matías Duville / Arco Parallel Program

21.02.2017 ARCO Madrid 2017 Parallel Program. En el ejercicio de las cosas. La bella sintaxis. Artists: Eduardo Costa, Matías Duville, Alberto Goldenstein, Nicolás Gullotta, Daniel Joglar, Laura Mema, Agencia de Viajes (Schanton – Ros). Curators: Sonia Becce and Mariano Mayer. Centro Cultural Conde Duque.


Alejandra Seeber at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

21.02.2017 Ultramar: Fontana, Kuitca, Seeber, Tessi, on display in two galleries of the permanent collection six paintings by 20th- and 21st- century Argentinean artists – Lucio Fontana, Guillermo Kuitca, Alejandra Seeber and Juan Tessi – which establish a dialogue with the most modern works in the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection.

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