08.09.2017 La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the 13th edition of the Buenos Aires Photography Fair, Nicola Costantino takes part in the Main Section.

arteBA 2017

23.05.2017 Buenos Aires, Argentina. The gallery includes works by Nicanor Aráoz, Diego Bianchi, Joaquín Boz, Matías Duville, Mondongo and Agustina Woodgate in the main section of the fair. And is involved with special projects, CABINET by Mónica Girón and DIXIT SPACE whit Mónica Girón, Alejandra Seeber.

ARCO 2017

21.02.2017 BARRO presents works by Nicola Costantino, Matias Duville, Martín Legón, Mondongo and Alejandra Seeber. Pabellón 7, H06. MONDONGO Performance No soy tan joven como para entenderlo todo.

arteBA Focus 2016

12.11.2016 La Boca, Buenos Aires. Marcelo Pombo and Nicanor Aráoz participate in this edition. Stand B6, Arenas Studios.

ArtBO 2016

30.10.2016 Bogotá, Colombia. BARRO is to be present for the very first time at the International Art Fair of Bogotá. Taking part will be Matías Duville and Martín Legón with installation, collages and objects.

ArteBA 2016

19.05.2016 Buenos Aires, Argentina. The gallery presents its staff of artists in the main section and is involved with special projects in U-TURN, Dixit Space and Activities as well as Banco Ciudad Space.

Arco 2016

24.02.2016 Madrid, Spain. in the #Opening Section of ARCO, curated by Juan Canela, BARRO presents works by Nicanor Aráoz, and Nani Lamarque

ArtRio 2015

10.09.2015 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The booth at Art Rio includes work by Nicanor Aráoz, Diego Bianchi, Matías Duville, Nani Lamarque and Alejandra Seeber.

ArteBA 2015

04.06.2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The gallery presents its staff of artists complete with its newest incorporations in the main section of the fair.

PARC 2015

17.04.2015 Lima, Peru. BARRO is present in the main section of the fair exhibiting works by Nicanor Araoz (photo), Diego Bianchi, Nicola Costantino and Matías Duville.

Arco 2015

25.02.2015 Madrid, Spain. Matías Duville and Martín Legón will be exhibiting individual projects in the Opening section as guests of the Portuguese curator Ana Luiza Teixeira de Freitas.

Lima Photo 2014

06.08.2014 Lima, Perú. BARRO exhibits works from the series Rapsodia Inconclusa by Nicola Costantino in which the artist works with references to the figure of Eva Perón.