Común y corriente

19.03.2016 Obsessed with infrastructure, Agustina Woodgate analyzes the space we inhabit as a field full of tensions where Man is the common denominator that alters all the cells in the world.



14.11.2015 In Autoamerican, Alejandra Seeber takes scraps and observes generalities in order to recreate her own America as a collection of unpredictable personal snapshots. Curator Sonia Becce.



15.09.2015 Like the stage designer of a drag terror genre with neon lights and house music, parties for Nicanor Aráoz are a ritual of liberation that are on the verge of descending into the horror of a bad LSD trip.


Marcelo Pombo, obras recientes en barro

04.07.2015 Marcelo Pombo presents a series of showcases and two pieces of sackcloth, which he uses to associate concrete art, informalism, craftsmanship and terrestrial aspects (represented by mud).


Las Fuerzas Productivas

18.04.2015 With Marx as the leitmotiv and by means of proceses such as rewriting and the rescue of objects, Legón articulates an essay on the intellectual and poetical value of the work of the artist.


Precipitar una especie

18.11.2014 In the quest to set in space and volume subjects dealt with in his work, the artist explores the tension in matter by means of a forceful large-scale installation, drawings and videos.