El verdadero jardín nunca es verde

06.12.2016 The Garden of Early Delights is hailed as one of the most transcendent works in the history of art, and for me –in particular– it has always had a special relevance. Still –and even though I have referenced great classics before–, I never dared do something related to this monumental painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Partly out of the deep respect it inspired in me, partly because I could not find a connection with my work that would lead my way into it. That eagerly awaited connection finally came up when I imagined a group of androgynes with gas mask–like prosthetics based on the Trilogy of Mouths, a work I produced in 1997. In it, and from an opened human mouth out comes one of those pig snouts Hieronymus Bosch himself liked so well. And the snout in turn vomits a chicken’s neck. I felt those androgynes had the density and also the humor his characters had and I invited a group of young artists to embody them and to share the scene with me. There are many other sets of characters. Some are played by me, in ways that so happen to keep my face covered somehow. Others were fabricated with plaster casts, which is almost a trademark of mine. I also introduced many birds and other mounted animals –a reminder of the early stages of my career– because they are dead, and still they try to convey a notion of life by imitating gestures that in the end can’t fool anyone. And I deployed them across an apocalyptic landscape, that of the Ischigualasto Moon Valley, in order to create a gigantic Cyclorama. The first encounter with the exhibition comes from behind a fence of sorts; it is thus, almost an anti–exhibition. This Cyclorama is an enclosure that surrounds my grand operation as an artist which gives meaning to this whole work. That centerpiece consists in bringing to life something Hieronymus Bosch only painted as if it existed: the Fountain of Life, which is the center of my attention at The Garden of Early Delights  [...] Nicola Costantino, a conversation with Jorge Villacorta.


El verdadero jardín nunca es verde

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Art Dubai 2019

20.03.2019 Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nicanor Aráoz presents a Solo Show in the Residents section. Director: Madinat Jumeirah, Al Sufouh. Booth G7


Faivovich & Goldberg Talk / Vienna, Austria

14.03.2019 Mesón de Fierro. Words by Ambassador of Argentina Rafael Mariano Grossi, by Director of the Office for Outer Space Affairs Simonetta Di Pippo, by Director of the Museum of Natural History of Vienna Christian Köberl. Curator Daniela Zyman. Sede Naciones Unidas Viena.


The Armory Show 2019

05.03.2019 New York, USA. Gabrile Chaile and Matías Duville participate in this Edition. Pier 94, Booth P26.


Arco 2019

27.02.2019 Madrid, Spain. Mónica Girón (BUE), Alejandra Seeber (NY), Amalia Ulman (LA), Agustina Woodgate (MIA) participate in this edition. Booth 7 B01.


Nicanor Aráoz / Resident in Dubai

04.02.2019 Art Dubai will feature the second edition of Residents, dedicated to solo presentations from invited galleries whose artists will take part in a 4-8 week residency in the UAE. Curators: Fernanda Brenner & Munira Al Sayegh.


Nicola Costantino at MAR Museum

04.01.2019 Nicola Costantino presents Real Absoluto an exhibition that includes 3 site-specific installations: Abisal + Pardes + El verdadero jardín nunca es verde. In Mar del Plata until March 15.


Faivovich & Goldberg

21.11.2018 The artist duo presents In serch of Mesón de Fierro at the Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria. Finissage and book presentation: March 11.


Zonas Reflejas

25.10.2018 For the work of art to be a transforming agent, the ability of analysis and interpretation has to exist. In this exhibition, Mónica Giron formalizes the different methodologies she applies to refine perception and acquire knowledge both in her life and in her work production as well as in her practice in the artist formation area.


Feng Shui by Monica Girón

24.10.2018 Introduction to Feng Shui and the concept of Reflex Zones, from the practice of Contemporary Art.


Faivovich & Goldberg at Arizona

20.10.2018 Decomiso is an installation-based exhibition by the Argentinian contemporary artist duo Guillermo Faivovich & Nicolas Goldberg.

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